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Hillby Thatch Floorplan


Here is a floor plan. I'm not an architect. It's not drawn to exact scale and don't get out the protractor because I'm sure none of the angles are truly right.

But then again none of the angles in the cottage are square either. It was built in 1929 by a carpenter who thought it was beneath him to use a level or a square. He did the cottage strictly by eye. He had a pretty good eye. Things are almost perpendicular.

The original owner was the fellow who invented "Miracle Whip." He made a fortune during the Depression by creating a cheaper alternative to mayonnaise. He also sold Kraft the recipe for "Open Pit Barbecue Sauce." That's why the cottage is painted in "food" colors.

He used to have a player piano in the living room right where the bookcase is today. On Memorial Day, at the begining of the resort season, he would play "Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here." All the children would come running from the surrounding cottages.

Hillby Thatch is a non-discriminatory haven of peace and relaxation.
We believe in and cherish the diversity of culture and life.

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