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Quotes from the Hillby Thatch Guest Book

"This place has become one of our favorite escapes from the city. Being here clears our minds, refreshes us and enables us to be together in ways we cherish and remember long after we've picked up and gone home."

"The best foliage we've seen since leaving the East Coast sixteen years ago! Thanks for a true escape from schedules, chores, our child, our dog and (mercifully) the phone!"

"What a great place for a personal retreat. Letters were written, books read, art created."

"Here I sit in a wonderfully satisfied mood having just spent two days in the company of my marvelous family. While it may be true that "most men live lives of quiet desperation," it is also true that the same men may enjoy the confluence of nature and beauty. Even the most chronic pessimist cannot deny that this existence here, even so temporary, is tantamount to lingering in a lovely castle in the sky."

"Thank God for cancellations! We shall return!"  "A wonderful place. I will definitely brag about, especially the night I spent outside in the pitch black underneath the millions of bright stars with the one I love. We saw three shooting stars!"


"We went to the Lake and waded in the water, read books, and ate cherry pie. We had corn on the cob, ripe tomatoes, and cucumbers for dinner. We heard the crickets at night and that was all. We asked each other if we could live here all year round and we city kids thought we could."

This morning I woke up and watched it snow while Mike made breakfast. I was hoping to build a snowman but the snow stopped before the ground was covered. I grew up in Louisiana and now live in Texas so snow is a big treat for me. I loved exploring how the snow had changed the landscape. I felt like an amateur Ansel Adams with Mike's camera."

"Kathy and I have thoroughly enjoyed our weekend with you. Whether we were relaxing in the sun room drinking coffee and playing logic games or warming ourselves in front of the fire, we felt very "at home " here. It's obvious from the happy and calm vibrations around that this place has been enjoyed and probably loved by many before us. We hope to enjoy your hospitality again someday."

"Yesterday I asked Avis what the date was--"Who cares" was her reply. We truly escaped here. We cooked wholesome foods, took long baths, slept, read, drank wine, and listed to music. Billy Holiday was our favorite. We watched the sunset over the lake and imagined watching it every night. We noticed how, when you take the time, everything in life is a ritual."

"We all slept so deeply and peacefully while we were here. The silence adds a wonderful character and texture that was so very comfortable and comforting."

Hillby Thatch is a non-discriminatory haven of peace and relaxation.
We believe in and cherish the diversity of culture and life.

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